"Software built for Users!"



AMS-Marine is been producing specialized software for the maritime industry.

AMS-Marine makes the difference by creating user friendly products, extremely practical, smart and specific, built in a user familiar environment already pre-installed to users' PC, whilst being realistically priced.

Our software is developed by Marine professionals experienced in Shipboard Operations and Shore Management. The need of specialized tailor-made software, urge us to make our own tools by placing all the collective experience to smart and specific software, developed and tested in real conditions from our on board or ashore positions.

AMS-Marine software products can be applied in a wide range of Shipping Business, including Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Container Ships, Ferries & Passenger ships, deployed in any sector within the maritime industry, at sea or at shore.



AMS-Marine is developing in such applications and gives solutions at fields that are out of the interest of mass production Software developers, in such applications that they are very important for people involved in the Maritime Industry and their everyday commodity.



Design products that will be loved by Users for their easy & logic sequence, by Customers for their satisfaction and cost effectiveness.


AMS Marine Services Ltd