SuperASTM is really Super! We are proud to provide all our visitors with such a useful tool!

Easy conversion between API & Density. Easy calculation of Quantity to Load in various units of Weight or Volume. All calculation you need in One.



Inspiration & Development:
This Program inspired by Goldware.

Later modified by AMS-Marine Software, in order to:

  • 1. Insert not only API, but both API or Density.
  • 2. Convert inserted Density to API.
  • 3. Insert and receive M3 @ 15°C for cargo calculation.
  • 4. Apply Variation at °C or °F, according how you insert temperature.
  • 5. Variation 0.25 added for equation with Tables 54.
  • 6. Correct VCF Tables 54B & 6B for Negative API's.
  • 7. Correct VCF Tables 54B & 6B for API range 48.2 to 52.1 or Density range 0.7700 to 0.7875
  • 8. Allow cargo calculation at 15°C or 60°F without requiring a temperature input, in case that temperature is 0 or empty. (ex. if Temp=0 or empty and inserted cargo is in MT Air @ 15°C, results are available for M3 @ 15°C and BBLS @ 60°F)


The use of this program is free of charge, always with respect to the License Agreement and Copyright Notice.


How to register SuperASTM™ :
SuperASTM is available for free download, trial and use. No registration is required for the present version. This version is limited for use up to 31/December each year. At the end of each year, a new version will be released allowing use for one more year.


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