Risk Manager

Risk Manager is a simple and user-friendly tool that assists users to create new or modify existing Risk Assessments in minutes.



Risk Manager Advantages:

  • Program provides a searchable index, in order to find an existing Risk Assessment easily.
  • More that 330 Existing Templates can be recalled, loaded, reviewed, modified and saved for use on board the ship or at office.
  • A new or modified Risk Assessment can be exported from a station and sent to the Company’s Administrator for review and issuing new Templates.
  • Templates can be exported and shared within the fleet.
  • Automatic Calculation of Risk Factor value and Automatic coloring based on Risk Factor value.
  • An Overview of available Risk Assessments and their last Revision date is available at the main program page.
  • Company can preset the Template RAs from the Library that need to be done and always kept updated.
  • User can set an expiration period at a produced Risk Assessment, in order to be warned upon expiration.
  • Templates can always be maintained up to date, as an expiration warning will notify the user at preset intervals.
  • Full program flexibility on each Company’s Risk Matrix format.
  • Specific Administrator and Standard User profiles are provided for better control of each user’s actions within the program.
  • Each Vessel has access to specific Ship Type Risk Assessments, as defined by Company Administrator.
  • Easy generation of new RAs through merging of two existing RAs.
  • Searchable content of RAs for specific words within Hazards and Control Measures taken.
  • Easy filtration of RAs per Ship Type, High Risk, Critical, need of Office Review, Expiration Status, Prepared by, Date etc.
  • All exported files are automatically attached at MS Outlook email messages for easy sharing.
  • Program environment is almost known to everyone as it is running with Microsoft Excel, without needing any additional expenses for additional software or hardware.


Risk Manager Capabilities:

  • Settings for 50 Ships plus Office.
  • Each Program copy can accommodate:
    • Up to 1000 Template Risk Assessments
    • Up to 2000 Vessel & Office Risk Assessments
  • Each Risk Assessment can accommodate:
    • Up to 30 Hazards
    • Up to 30 Control Measures
    • Up to 30 Further Actions to Control Residual Risk
  • Available types of Risk Matrix (Consequences x Frequency):
    •       4 x 4
    •       5 x 5
    •       4 x 5
    •       5 x 4


How to test Risk Manager Demo:

Risk Manager will prompt for a License Key. Enter temporary key "DEMO" to unlock. You have a limited number of 10 entries.


How to register Risk Manager:

Risk Manager UnRegistered program will prompt for a License Key which is specific for your PC or your network location. The Key will be provided from AMS after forwarding the auto-generated Registration Form of your PC to AMS by E-mail and completing the Registration process. Sample version will be fully functional.


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